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Dear Freedom Friend,

Justice is justice, right?

OK, if you believe so, then please explain to me these two true stories I got from Amerilawyer's newsletter

Bank Owes No Fiduciary Duty To Prospective Borrower

A bank cannot be held liable for an employee’s wrongful use of confidential information obtained from a prospective borrower, a Court has ruled. The bank was approached by prospective borrowers seeking financing to purchase a company. After the bank denied the request, two of its employees, relying on a financial summary of the company submitted in connection with the loan application, purchased the company themselves. The Court ruled that the bank could not be held vicariously liable for the employees’ conduct.

My comment: This basically means that an employer has no responsibility for the conduct of his/her employees. If they do something they are not supposed to do, then the employer cannot be held liable...

I am sorry. This is BS. The employer and the employee have a contract for that employment and that contract clearly spells out that the employee must spend his/her time in the employer's best interest while at work. And that does not include short-cutting the employer through personal intervention. And it certainly does not include that an employee can take personal advantage of confidential information provided by a client, to the client's detriment.

Just so you know. This is in screaming conflict with general judicial practice!

Hotel Held Liable For Shooting In Parking Lot

A hotel may be liable to a guest who was shot in the parking lot, a Court has ruled. The suit was filed by a Plaintiff who was staying at a hotel located in a downtown area. The Plaintiff who was staying at a hotel located in a downtown area. The Plaintiff claimed he had selected the hotel based on representations that it was a safe, secure and reliable place to lodge. While he was retrieving his luggage from the car, he was approached by an individual who was not a guest of the hotel. The man demanded money, shot the Plaintiff and stole the car. The Plaintiff sued, alleging that the hotel knew it was in a known high-crime area and had failed to protect him from injury. The Court reasoned that because of a series of criminal incidents at the hotel, including 96 calls to the police in the three years prior to the Plaintiff’s shooting, the Court found that allegations here were sufficient to support a reasonable conclusion that the hotel “knew” its property was located in a high crime are, and that it was on notice that its guests were in danger of injury caused by similar criminal acts of third parties.

My comment: This is ridiculous. Whether the hotel knows about the crime in the area or not, blaming the hotel for the crime is like prosecuting the baker for the smith's crimes. It basically means that people who live in or close to an area with a high crime rate can be held responsible for their friends being subject to criminal action while visiting them.

Yes, you got it right: somebody has to be blamed, and when we cannot find the criminal person, then we just prosecute someone else. Justice has to take its course, no matter what.

And just what does this judge have in mind that the hotel management could do about that crime, other than calling the police, as they did every time? Hire their own snipers? And maybe instruct them to shoot incompetent judges?

It makes me think that the judge actually was the one doing the shooting...

The 9-11 truth, exposed in a 7 billion dollar law suit against the US government

It takes a stupid ignorant to believe that the US government has a clean conscience in regards to 9-11. My personal theory has always been that only the guilty party would be so adamant about destroying evidence and make critics silent. There is nevertheless enough evidence available to more than prove that the US government's story is a lie, no matter what. And when government lies about these kinds of things, then chances are that the government itself has a serious risk to face if the truth was known. In other words: the government is guilty of something. And that "something" is serious...

Thanks to Richard D., an active subscriber to "The Doggy Bone", I was made aware of a radio interview that sheds some light on this issue. It was first published in Pakistan in May 2008 - but it is very much worth reading. It has since been cited/copied several other places. Here are two links to it, just in case on of them should be forced to take the page down...:

Isn't it thought-provoking that every single time the USA has been involved in a war, including WW I, WW II, The Vietnam War, and the war in Iraq, then it started with the US government telling lies about reality, and deliberately killing Americans (or letting them be killed) in order to turn the public opinion around in favor of the war?

Yes, the Korean War might have been the only exception that confirms the rule.

So, this is all part of a plot?

The answer is "YES".

Although I do not see "everything", I do subscribe to a lot of newsletters, and I do get a lot of information sent to me from my own subscribers. Unfortunately (which is serious support for my case), a lot of those references are gone when I click on the links I have been sent! This particularly goes for YouTube and other big news sites that are known for accepting also controversial news. Just hours or minutes after critical news has been posted that could be unpleasant for the US government, the web master has also been threatened to take it down. Why else would this information systematically be "no longer available" just hours after being published?

If it truly were "just BS", then it would have been more appropriate to contest it or to make a rebuttal to it. But that does not happen. It "disappears".... And the editor gives no explanation as to why. An editor myself, I would certainly at least explain my reasons for such action... Except, of course, if someone was holding a gun to my head and seriously threatening to kill me if I didn't. But it would take at least that to shut me up! And I am certain that most editors have it the very same way, particularly those who like to publish controversial information.

With my past experience (I served many years as Intelligence officer in NATO headquarters in Europe during "the cold war"), I am not about to put a lot of faith in just single messages that could be nothing but rumors, hate propaganda, or deliberately planted misinformation. But knowing also that the enemy is systematically destroying evidence as it pops up, definitely causes me to pay way more attention to those rumors, when they fit into this overall plan, and basically constitute all that we have left. And they certainly do fit into the picture - and, at some point, you have to choose whom and what to believe.

The US government is not a prime candidate for me. NO government is.

Here is another "rumor" that is worth paying attention to, posted by a police officer in a forum I will not disclose:

Hi all,

This might be the last thing I ever post on here but I need to warn you all. I have been with LAPD for a while and have learned a lot of things. One of them is to be a little more independent. Don't put 100 % faith in other humans to take care of you. And yes that means the government too.

Well because things have gotten so bad in LA (Officers being shot at up 39 % in 2007) I decided to move to Idaho. And I love it by the way. Anyway what I'm going to say might shock you or even scare you, but please understand that fear does nothing but makes things worse, kinda like stress. So instead of worrying do something to fix it. Remember there's no problems only solutions.

This morning I got a call from my uncle who is very high up in the military and he told me to leave the city now. I hardly ever talk to him so he was unaware that I had already left LA. But he seemed very concerned but refused to tell me why. After about 20 minutes he told me the very basics.

The first thing he said was to buy as much canned food and water as possible. The second was to stock up on ammo. I have already stacked up on ammo because I knew it would become very expensive later and in LA there was a 1 year wait for .223 bullets for my AR15.

But I was still very confused as to why he's calling out of the blue and telling me these things. Well what he said next is something the American people aren't suppose to know. He told me that there is an actual plan as to when the economy will completely crash. As of right now he said it will happen in the middle of Sept. of this year. Also he said that our Government will crash in Feb. of 2009. He said that Mexico and Canada will merge with us and that a new dollar called the Amero is going to replace the dollar.

But the most scary thing is what he told me he's been doing for the past couple of years. He's been overseeing the construction of Prison Camps being built all through out America. He said a Private company called Haliburton is building them. He told me that 1 camp in Alaska can hold 2 million people and there's almost 1000 camps in the USA (not including the ones underground).

He also said that these will be used when they declare Martial Law. There's some more things but I promised him I would never repeat them. But just knowing that this could even be possible makes me say to myself, "why not buy an extra 20 or 30 bucks of food I can store?" each time I go shopping.

I had about 2 weeks worth because in California you never know when that next big earthquake can hit not to mention the last year and a half we have been training on how to handle food riots in LA (by the way the first step in the LAPD process is to stand back and observe). Crazy Huh?

Well, use common sense and get what you can because once everyone wakes up it will be to late. Last but not least why I believe him is because he is the same one that told me beforehand not to fly in Aug. and Sept. of 2001. Do I have to go on? Take care everyone and GOD Bless !!!

The bad news is that there are MANY of this kinds of postings around - and most of them are forced down in a matter of minutes, as I said. There is only ONE possible explanation for someone threatening people who exercise their rights to free speech, and that is that this same "someone" has a lot to lose if the truth is known. There is no other possibility. And there is no other possible culprit than the US government.

Now, this does not constitute "legal proof" of any of the details. But honestly - the details do not matter! What matters is the overall picture that is being painted, and that is a picture of all of us being enslaved, just like the Germans under Hitler and the Russians under Stalin! The only difference is that, this time, the tyrants speak ENGLISH!

So, what can we do?

Based on history, which so obviously is about to repeat itself, there are two fundamental support platforms you absolutely must have in order to survive such a nightmare:

  1. You must retain your full control over your money - in a jurisdiction where your government cannot touch it.

  2. You must obtain a second personal identity, so you do not have to ask your own government for permission to travel.

If you do not have those two conditions in place, you are very easily forced to stay in your country, no matter how badly you might want to move.

Yes, it is nice also to have some food at hand, but you can live many days without. You might not survive by staying... In order words: your life might depend more on your ability to leave than on your ability to get food.

History is full of examples where governments have frozen bank accounts and prevented people from leaving, simply by not issuing passports to them or not allowing them to take any money out of the country. This is already happening in the USA and the UK, on the basis alone of people owing taxes, for instance! Besides, it should scare a few people to know that the US government generates over 1/3 of its total revenue from confiscation of assets!

Also, the no-flight lists are secret - and anyone can be added to them, for no justifiable reason at all - and there is nothing you can do to stop or prevent it.

A new identity through a different financial platform

I have discussed this a lot, and I do it because it simply is so darn important. Setting yourself up "offshore" is not just a matter of saving some taxes... It is a matter of your freedom!

EVERYTHING you do in consequence of using a government owned ID, like your passport, your driver's license, your SIN or SSN number, your birth certificate, your citizenship papers etc. is done in your capacity of being a representative of the government, and you are ultimately responsible to your government for whatever comes out of those activities and the activities that in turn follow from them.

Example: When you show your driver's license in order to open a bank account, then that bank accounts belongs to the government, not to you!

Yes, you can hardly do anything without showing some sort of government ID nowadays. Do not be foolish enough to believe that this is a matter of convenience! At least not for you. But for the government, yes, it sure is convenient to know everything about what you do, and where and when...

You know the simple solution: - and don't come back to me with your lamenting if you get it done too late...

If you do not control your money, you have no freedom. And whatever freedom you thought you had is very easy to take away from you, when the government can block your access to what you thought was "your money" in a matter of seconds, and with no possible recourse from your side, not even a legitimate avenue of appeal or complaint.

A second passport in another country

What if you are one of those (or become one of those), whom the government refuses to issue a passport to, or who gets on the government's secret "no-fly list" that bars you from entering an airplane?

In accordance with Murphy's law, you can rest assured that this will happen exactly when you need your freedom the very most!

Do you have a "Plan B"?

If not, let me give you a tip. You can get a second passport, which will allow you to leave your current country and enter most other countries in the world. Fully approved and supported by UN.

The best news about it is that you are not required to become a resident of the country the passport is issued from. In fact, it is a requirement that you are not a resident...

Is this worth $2,000 for you? If so, then contact me through hushmail, after going through the procedure at If you are already a client of Novasol by having made a purchase from us and have submitted an affidavit earlier, you can skip that procedure and go straight to the sending the hushmail. (Note: We will not give information about this through unencrypted e-mail to people we have no affidavit from. If you don't have a hushmail account, then get one here.)

Freedom means "having choices"

If you have no choice, you have no freedom. Maybe you won't like the options you have to choose from, but you are always better off with multiple choices than with being forced to do what others have chosen for you.

Are you a pessimist when you say to the driver of the bus on a mountainous road, "Please slow down - I fear that the bridge we are going to have to cross right behind this corner might have been blown up"?

I don't think so. But you would be irresponsible or stupid if you did not share that information with the driver. And the driver would be an irresponsible ignorant if he did not take the advice seriously enough to at least be able to stop the bus before the bridge, so that stopping the bus on time would be a possible option for him, in case the bridge truly was gone.

I am not encouraging anyone to leave. It is certainly not the time for panic, and I do not think that kind of choice should come easily to anyone. But I am indeed encouraging everybody to make themselves capable of leaving, so that you can leave. Otherwise, you can very quickly end up having no choices left to protect your freedom.

To your freedom!

Mogens Eliasen


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P.S. If you want to send me any information that critical of the US government or in any other way could support people who do not want to become slaves, then please make sure you DOWNLOAD it to your own computer, so I can get it from you and possibly pass it on. As you understand from what I have said in this issue, there is no point in just sending me a link - because, if the information truly is valuable, then the page you link to will be taken down in a matter of hours or minutes.

However, the only real power tool we have to our defense is the universality of the Internet - we can post and spread information faster than the tyrants can force it deleted. It is a matter of jamming their resources so much that it becomes practically impossible for them to kill all messengers... That's how Gandhi brought the British Empire to its knees in India.