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Dear Freedom Friend,

"The Doggy Bone" is my online newsletter, published on an as-needed basis, typically once a month.

It is about human rights - and what we can do to get them back, when our government abuses them. If you are unsure about what your rights are, as far as the United Nations goes, then check here what your government signed on behalf of your nation in 1948 and in 1966.

As you will see from the UN Declaration in the link above, your rights are being abused. Brutally and constantly. By your own government. In the name of "security" or "terrorism protection", most likely. But also for the purposes of "integration", "removing trade barriers", "International cooperation", and many other nicely-sounding phrases and names that cover operations, whose purpose truly is to restrict/eliminate your choice, i.e. destroy your freedom.

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Is your freedom important?

Well, the names of the worst terrorist of all are the names of the decision-makers in the power abusing governments world-wide who constantly are making laws and regulations that reduce your fundamental rights, as granted by the UN, and guaranteed by your Nation, including the USA who clearly leads the International race towards fascism, closely followed by the UK, whose citizens now are the most watched people ever, including Nazi Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union, both of which pale in comparison...

A lot of it is done by stealth! Those who do it know very well that, if the truth were told, people wouldn't like it.

Sure, political protests and street demonstrations are helpful for creating awareness amongst the vast majority of people, who are plain simply ignorant to the fact of them being enslaved - but really: they don't help YOU right here and now.

There ARE things we can do, on an individual basis, to improve our own situation. To obtain more freedom. To avoid the government's harassment. To escape its Orwellian control. To protect our privacy. To secure our belongings from confiscation. To guard our income sources from greedy or illegal taxation. To enable us to make the decisions we find right, about our future. To fight back against current abuse. To use "the system" to OUR advantage. To help each other get our lost freedom back.

As any warrior would expect, it takes some education to fight such a battle. And that's what "The Doggy Bone" is about: it is a medium for you to get at least some of the most crucial information you absolutely need, if you don't like the perspective of being automatically enrolled (= have your body confiscated) as a government slave! At least enough for you to make some diligent decisions for supporting your own freedom.

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In this newsletter, I share my thoughts and ideas on how you can manage your life for the enjoyment of the maximum freedom, regardless the attempts of "the big guys" and your government to make you conform to what they want you to do...

A lot of the articles come to life as responses to questions and concerns I get from the subscribers about all kinds of problems relating to using International legal entities for managing your financial affairs. Yes, we will talk a lot about "offshore" and how also ordinary people can benefit from those concepts, as much as the rich people already do.

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What you get...

In "The Doggy Bone", I will particularly include articles on:

  • How you can get affordable legal advice and protect your civil rights.

  • How you can protect your business from getting into legal trouble.

  • How you can curb your liability by using corporations, both Nationally and Internationally.

  • How you can protect your assets by using Trusts, IBCs, and Foundations.

  • How you can secure your privacy and keep snoopers out of your financial affairs, including your government.

  • How you can resist your government's control over you - and possibly fight back without risking trouble....

  • How you can obtain an alternative ID in another country, from where you can conduct your financial affairs in complete privacy, regardless of what databases contain your name and personal information, as long as you are not involved in crime....

  • How you avoid confrontations with a powerful enemy you can't beat on his own battlefield...

  • How you can create your own battlefield where you can win...

  • How you can use International legal entities to eliminate your incomes taxes on business profits, capital gain, investment proceeds, etc.

  • How you avoid being abused - and possibly fight back if you are exposed to being intimidated by the powers of others, including your government.

  • How you can create a new identity, completely legally, and let go of all negative ballast from the past.

  • How you can take charge of your own future.

  • How you can live your life in freedom, as a sovereign citizen, without having to travel or relocate.

If these keywords are important to you:

  • Freedom - your rights to choose what is right for you;
  • Human rights - and your ability to claim them, also in the government's disfavor;
  • Privacy - your rights to not make your choices public;
  • Justice - and your ability to obtain it, also against power abuse;
  • Protection - as determined and structured by you, in freedom;

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